3R Computing

We have had lots of fun using ‘Scratch’ in our computing lessons over the past few weeks! Yesterday we worked in pairs to animate a character, making them move, speak and change their looks. We had a lot of great animations including an underwater scene, basketball game and flying unicorns!

3R Maths fun!

Today in maths we had a fun fractions lesson! Firstly we talked through all the things we’ve learnt about fractions so far this week and came up with all this information…

Then we used cubes, highlighters and pencils to physically split a whole number into a half and then a quarter. We drew on the tables (don’t worry, it did come off!) to split out objects equally into fractions.

3R PSHCE lesson

Today we continued looking at healthy living by thinking about the importance of exercise. We looked at why the heart and lungs are important to keep us active, and had a go at measuring our pulse before and after a 30 second jog on the spot.

Then we talked about why it is important to keep our bodies active and to stay healthy – we made posters showing all the main reasons!



Today, all the Year 3 classrooms were invaded by two dinosaurs who destroyed the classroom and left behind footprints, dinosaur food, dinosaur dribble and dinosaur eggs. In order to find out more about these dinosaurs who came to Year 3, the children put all they have learnt about measure to good use! The used rulers to find the perimeter of the dinosaur feet and find the length of the dinosaur food (leaves, must have been herbivores!) , used scales to weigh the dinosaur eggs and measuring jugs to measure the volume of each dinosaur’s dribble.

3HL – History and Science

Another successful foundation Friday for 3HL – they have taken part in a range of lessons from French, Art, Music, History and Science!

Here are some photos from our first scientific test of finding out which surfaces cause more friction and also some from our history lesson where the children worked in pairs to figure out the best route for their train lines from Bristol to London!


3HL Forest school

Wow, what a fantastic first session of Forest school had by 3HL this week! There was lots going on from tree climbing, to building dens, feeding sheep and even making mud soup. The children then finished their session with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit!

3R PE lesson

Today we had PE in class as the hall was being used. We moved all the tables and chairs out of the way and played a very active and intense game of rock, paper, scissors!

We had to play out opponents, then move to either the winning or losing side by side stepping like a crab. Then we changed our movements to become a rock, paper or scissor with our whole body! We played a few rounds trying to be as small and quiet as we could, and as big and loud as we could.

Foundation Friday

Year 3 have had an amazing day throughout our first week of Foundation Friday. They all loved learning Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and they can’t wait to get the glockenspiels out next week! They enjoyed telling us everything they already know about forces and exploring the magnets. We have some  mini Di Vinci’s on our hands after our self-portrait lesson and we had some great fun creating codes on scratch!  

3R History Timeline

This week in History we put together a timeline tracking the history of Britain! We had pictures that represented different periods of time and worked out in pairs where on the timeline our pictures should go.

Then we had inventions from across time, from the wheel to the iPhone, which we used to guess when they were made. This caused a lot of discussions – including about whether TVs were around in Victorian times!

We also focused in on the Georgians, as that is our topic for this term, and looked at some drawings which represented the time. Finally we watch the Horrible Histories ‘Four Georges’ song and learnt about all the Kings who reigned in Georgian Britain!
(You can find it here if you would like to listen too!)

Warwick Castle – 25th November

Well, what a fantastic day Year 3 had last week venturing out on their first school trip altogether to Warwick Castle! The children went on this trip to go alongside this term’s topic of ‘Attack and Defense’. Year 3 were incredibly excited to see a castle in real life built by William the Conqueror himself. They got to walk along to the top of the conqueror’s fortress, explore the horrible histories maze, brave the kingmaker and see some fantastic birds of prey. They were even lucky enough to explore the great hall and it’s armory with lots of decorations on display for the Christmas season. Everyone in Year 3 absolutely loved the day!

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